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Doe Kelly Reiki TherapistAbout Me

Hi! My name is Doe Kelly. In addition to being a Reiki III (Master Level Practitioner), I have a background and a Bachelor’s degree in music and voice performance. Besides a lifelong passion for singing and music,  my mind, heart, and generally curious nature and intellect (as well as an unhappy and dysfunctional early life) have caused me to quest, spiritually, to want to experience healing “from the inside out.” In this quest, I have traveled both inner and outer realms, to delve into spirituality, metaphysics, and the alternative healing arts (including altered state work and mystical experiences). I have sought, and often found, the means of achieving a naturally “high” state of mind and Being that, when I am able to sustain it, leads to healing and miracles. As I journey through this world, I continue my quest to know the truth of who I AM as a “divine being having a physical experience.” Reiki, as well as other pursuits, based in a knowledge of subtle energy, the experience of the mystical, and a curiosity about the Great Mystery of who we are and why we’re here ( and how do we best comport ourselves while we’re here!) remains an important part of that quest for me.

In a Reiki Nutshell

It has been about four decades since I received my first Reiki initiation, not long after Reiki was beginning to gain a toe-hold throughout the western world. Hardly a day has gone by where I have not used this energy. In tandem with a deep dive into breath work and related, intensive spiritual work in the 1980s, Reiki and Grace have led and guided me to a fascinating life (albeit not without challenges). This deep dive has included what I would describe as experiences of spiritual initiation received through the medium of the original rebirthing breathwork of the 1970s and 80s, and via relationships trainings that heavily utilized this type of breathwork. Interestingly, my Reiki training and path began at the same time as my immersion in breath work and relationships trainings.  I’m quite certain my Reiki attunements have played a significant part for me on this initiatory path, as have an involvement with Siddha Yoga practices of chanting, meditation, and shaktipat. I must also credit NLP training, and spiritual travels to India, Australia, England, and the U.S., as having played important roles in my soul’s evolution. Additionally, I have a background and experience as a breath and energy worker, a vocal performer, and a spiritual traveler. I am a holistic voice instructor, a promoter of products related to health and wellness (including electromagnetic protection), and consider myself a perpetual student of healing, spirituality, metaphysics, miracles, and happiness! I currently am a passionate student of Human Design, and am an enthusiastic photographer of spiritually oriented (and other) subjects. These include crop circles and sacred sites, as well as subjects that display light/dark contrast, reflections/distortions of various kinds, and beautiful natural settings.

The long and the short of it is – you can come for “just Reiki” and/or we can combine/include various other offerings, mentioned above, infused with the Reiki energy!

If you feel the call of your soul and you resonate with what I have described above, I sincerely invite you to come and experience the rarefied and sublime energy that is Reiki, through my exquisitely sentient, loving, and gentle hands.

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